QA5 frequently asked questions

What is QA5 really measuring?

QA5 extracts from any voice interaction different sets of audio properties that are indicative of several key emotional states that are relevant to the call center manager level. These emotional states typically indicate when a conversation is taking a wrong turn, and the customer begins to feel unhappy with the service he receives. We can break this set of emotions down to stress, upset and anger - but QA5 can also identify positive feelings such as happiness and arousal that can be used to assist sales efforts.

But I know how to recognize an angry customer when I listen to the call - how can QA5 help me?

Managers learn to identify different emotions and customers in distress when listening to specific calls and react to such events so the customer problem is resolved. Knowing in advance which calls to listen to and make your work more effective is where the QA5 power comes to play. QA5 can listen simultaneously to all on-going calls, and flag for your attention only those worthy of your time and attention.

Does QA5 attempt to assess veracity? In other words, is it a "Lie Detector"?

No. The QA5 technology is using only a portion of Nemesysco's technology, and while it inks from the same sources, it is focused solely on the emotional and expressed emotions, and it is not intended for veracity assessment.

Who can order the QA5 SDK or the Emoiton Detection WEB API from Nemesysco?

The QA5 SDK is made for developers, system integrators and call centers with in-house development capabilities. If you are not any of the above and still want to enjoy the benefits of QA5 in your system – give us a call and we will connect you with one of our partners.

I have a call center of 100 seats – Is QA5 for me?

QA5 can serve any size of organizations in different manners, from real-time alerts, offline data mining and even with automated report generation, sales force optimization, and work related stress detection. Each of our partners can develop unique sets of functionalities to serve different needs.

How can I install QA5 into my call center solution?

There are different ways to integrate QA5 technology and based on your needs, Nemesysco will coordinate the installation with your call-center provider, or will suggest one of our partners to assist you. In any case, from the call center point of view, this is a very simple procedure.

How long does it take to implement a QA5 solution?

QA5 is the quickest solution to implement, and overall will take up-to a week. Training to use the QA5 functionality is usually accomplished in a single day. The QA5 system, unlike other "call spotting" technologies, requires no training or generation of "key word lists" and so it actually works straight out of the box, and is good to go in any language.

How do different compressions and phone protocols affect the results?

QA5 basic data extraction technology is using a set of techniques to normalize and minimize the effect different protocols and media have on the data, and in most cases will overcome the changes. It is important however to mention that in some rare cases, the QA5 analysis may look in some emotional dimensions to be less accurate and stable, and a quick pilot on your pre-recorded data will help us determine the level of accuracy QA5 can have in your settings.

How can it make the supervisors work more efficient?

In every call center scenario, statistics show that between 3% to 5% of the ongoing calls contain elements of negative feelings. Listening to randomly selected 5% of the calls as most call centers do, will show a very small chance for a manager to stumble on a relevant call, and only a fraction of all negative calls will be reviewed. Listening to the QA5 flagged calls ensures that most of the negative calls are reviewed, with minimal waste of the manager's expensive time searching for these calls.