QA5 technology uses advanced voice analysis to scan through all ongoing calls in your call center and identify the ones that are mistreated in real-time.

Statistics show that out of every 100 calls taking place, 2 to 5 are mistreated. Randomly listening to calls is therefore very ineffective and the alternative of waiting for customer to complain is simply not a valid option in today’s competitive market.

Using embedded QA5 technology in your call center solution, managers can receive immediate alerts when a call is not handled properly, saving managers time listening to other properly managed calls, and making optimal use of your managers’ expertise.

Alerts can be sent using graphical indication on the supervisor’s screen, SMS, or even automatically connecting the manager to the ongoing call.

QA5 offers a standardized set of measurements to properly evaluate the agents’ performance and customers’ satisfaction, automatically, and with minimal hardware resources consumption. The aggregated data is used for automated report generation and standardizing your KPI (Key performance indicators).

QA5 is based on Nemesysco’s unmatched patented voice analysis technology using universal set of uncontrolled indicators taken from the human speech. QA5 is equally effective in all languages and requires no tuning for “dictionaries” or “negative” words.

* Nemesysco's voice analysis technology is currently the only available commercial speech analytics technology scientifically tested and verified to accurately detect emotions in the human voice.

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